School Performance

School Performance

The average scaled score is a new way to measure attainment. Children are given a scaled score based on their end of key stage tests (SATs).

100 is the expected level; a score less than this indicates a pupil is working at a lower level. All the children's scaled scores are averaged out to enable schools to be compared overall.

Progress is measured in a new way too. Where 0.0 indicates expected progress, a number above this (up to +10) indicates better than typical progress, and a number lower (ie a negative number) indicates less than typical progress.

2015/16 KS2 SATs Results:

Attainment in reading: 106.8 (sch)     102.6 (national)

Progress in reading: +3.52

High level of attainment:  100% (sch)      46% (national) 


Attainment in maths: 106.0 (sch)      103 (national)

Progress in maths: +2.61

High level of attainment:  50% (sch)     43% (national)


Expected standard in reading, writing*, maths: 75% (sch)  53% (national)

High level of attainment:  100% (sch)     39% (national)


Writing* is assessed by teacher assessment

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