Help your Child

Help your Child

The Internet offers a wide range of tools and resources to help your child with their learning. Why not explore some of these websites together, and learn alongside each other?

Help your child with Literacy

Help your child with Numeracy

  • Big Brainz - download an exciting (free!) game which teaches children their times tables.
  • BBC Numeracy - A wide range of activities, games and resources to develop your child's Numeracy skills.
  • Percy Parker - an excellent CD which children can use to learn their tables.
  • Schoolhouse Tech - use this software to make your own Numeracy challenges!
  • Revisewise for Parents - Find out about the National Curriculum, tests, and how you can support them.

Help your child with Science

Help your child with ICT

  • Welcome to the Web - if you're new to the Internet, this handy guide will teach you all you need to know.
  • Yahooligans - a child-friendly search site.
  • Ask for Kids - The children's version of Ask. Very useful.
  • Picsearch - use this site to search for pictures. It's much safer than Google Images, but remember that you still need to take care when searching for images online.
  • FactMonster - If you need to do research about a topic, FactMonster is a good place to try.
  • Freefoto - a great site to find photos to use in your school projects.