Our reading curriculum is supported by our school development plan. This curriculum overview sets out the expectations for children in each year group.

The year group grids below set out the content of the curriculum and any key texts the classes will cover. Texts change annually as some texts link with themes in history, geography and science.

Key priorities for our reading curriculum:

  • The development of word reading through high-quality phonics provision and the systematic teaching of spellings.
  • Deepening children’s understanding of the meaning and structure of a wide range of text types and stories.
  • Encouraging children to read widely and for enjoyment. All classes read a wide range of stories and texts every day.
  • Progressively building on discussion and recitation of key texts and stories, both in class and for a wider audience.
  • Exploring the work of a wide range of authors both within their own ability range and beyond through whole-class books.
  • Through linked texts, reading is an integral part of our history, geography and science curriculum.