A school’s curriculum includes everything children are taught, knowledge and skills that are learned during the school day. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum but also the range of additional opportunities that the school organises to enrich the learning experiences of the children.

At Ivegill CE we take this learning journey seriously. We believe that children are entitled to a curriculum that gives them the best possible preparation for future life.

We believe our curriculum should impact what children know, the skills they develop and the people they become. To these ends we have planned:

  • A knowledge rich curriculum with clear progression and cohesion
  • A curriculum which helps to develop a children’s character so they can become the best they can be
  • Clearly defined skills which are developed through the various curriculum strands.

We have reflected upon what should drive our curriculum, drawing upon what our children need most in order to become educated citizens.

Our curriculum aims to support children who attend our school by:

  • Increasing their Vocabulary – because words convey meaning, this increases their knowledge and understanding
  • Widening their knowledge of the world – understanding and appreciating the world they live in, both locally and globally
  • Developing their Curiosity and Aspirations – because these are essential components which engage and connect children with the curriculum and the wider world.

National Curriculum Coverage

At Ivegill CE we teach English, maths and science thoroughly, drawing on the National Curriculum for the essential knowledge children require in order to be educated citizens. Our curriculum introduces children to the best that has been thought and said and helps foster an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

Our wider curriculum is planned around themes that are well-sequenced, engaging and expect children and their teachers to connect previous learning and knowledge.

Subjects such as history, geography, science, art and design technology underpin our learning sequences. These subjects bring depth, interest, a natural curiosity and wonderment to our curriculum.

Curriculum maps provide an outline of the essential knowledge being taught in a particular topic eg. Stone Age to Iron Age.

Each topic theme is designed around history, geography or science. The curriculum maps capture this, as they outline the main subject driver.

We teach personal development through high quality, well-organised learning experiences. This is planned into classroom practice as well as being connected to the curriculum.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education is connected to the themes of learning, and understanding is developed within the themes of learning for each class.

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